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Placing Listings on
Q. Are your Listings Free?
Q. What type of Listings do you offer? Do you Offer Paid Listings?
Q. What is the difference between a Descriptive and Representative Form?
Q. Why is the Expiration Date for my Listing One Year plus 14 days?
Q. Can I sell my Banner Ad space on my Premier/Showreel Listing?
Q. My Crew or Company Category is not found in the database. How can I have my Category added?
Q. How can I get a Location added that is not currently represented?
Uploading Showreels
Q. Do I need to Register to Place a FREE Listing?
Q. Can I add my Showreel to any Listing Type?
Q. How do I prepare my Showreel to be uploaded?
Listing Results
Q. What are the boxes I see after each Listing?
Q. What is an ATA Carnet and ATA Carnet Country?
Q. Why don’t you show my email address on my Listing?
Viewing Showreels
Q. What are the Quality Settings LQ, SQ, HQ & HD on the Video Player?
Q. Why don’t you offer HD in the 4:3 setting?
Q. Why is my video stalling/buffering/choppy? How can I improve playback?
Q. Can I view Showreels using Dial-up?
General Questions
Q. What is your relationship with
Q. What is a Global Category – Categories that have the notation (G)?
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